Michele Noparvar also known as Meesh and designer of Meesh Collection, 

started her clothing line in 2014 after working in the fashion industry for

several years. Her love for fashion began as a young girl and only increased

when she pursued her dream of attending Otis College of Art and Design as a

Fashion Major. During her time at Otis College, Michele learned from the

best, and also interned for Stylist and Clothing Designer, Rachel Zoe. By the

end of her college career, she received multiple awards from mentors such as

Halston and Bob Mackie . These designers recognized her hard work and

innovative designs. These opportunities have inspired and motivated Michele

to really push her dreams forward to create Meesh Collection.


Meesh Collection combines everyday basics with a twist. Black, White, and

Neutral tones play a huge role in the collection giving each piece a

timeless look. Under the direction of Michele, Meesh Collecton strives to

compliment a woman's true figure with dedication to detail and quality. 


Michele continues to expand her collection and hopes to share her

passion with the rest of the world.